So you think you want to come to Peru and Volunteer? It’s a wonderful experience!

But there are lots of things that it  helps to know before you get started.

Peru is a beautiful but challenging place. The culture is particular and takes time to get accustomed to. It helps to have people who know the ropes and are willing to guide you ( as much as you want at any rate) each step of the way. There are many volunteer organisations out there. We are one of the newest., but there are some reasons we think you might want to work with us:

  • We don’t charge you a fee for coming to work with us. We feel if you are willing to pay for your flights, pay your living expenses and give of your time, you have paid enough.

  • We have housing available and work as a community but are not top-heavy with rules.. you are adults and we know you will act like it.  We have access to a discounted hostel where we can live together yet independently.
  • We provide free training. No one goes out on the field without two weeks of orientation.
  • We expect you to speak Spanish semi-fluently. You cannot help if you do not learn to speak Spanish reasonably. If you want more we have good instructors who give us a great discount.
  • You can use your experience as material for university research. We will provide documentation and evaluations of your time here.
  • We are here to volunteer and work for change. We love Huanchaco and its a great town, but we are not ‘voluntouristas’. Every volunteer signs a work contract and we will be clear before you come about what you can expect.
  • We love what we do and we are excited about it. Positivity, creative solutions to problems, open communication and group fun time are really important to keep balance when you are working in a foreign country. We got it.
  • We know and love Huanchaco and we will help you understand and love it too.

If you are still interested and would like to talk more, please fill out our volunteer application found in this section. We look forward to hearing from you!

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