So many of you have written or called to encourage us with your support.  We want to thank you.

We started this with an idea several months ago and in the last month, we have become a reality. It’s pretty exciting.We have opened our Volunteer House, we have started our project plan, we have started our training, language classes, our volunteers are arriving.

LaCasaCorazon needs 300 GBP ( or just over $800) per month to meet our expenses and to lay ground for the book publishing project we begin in two weeks. We have had generous local donations of time, materials and furniture. Now we need you.

None of our volunteers pay to come volunteer with us. We ask for no fees, only a minimun cost for our housekeeping.

I am asking all of my UK mates to please donate at least 25 GBP this weekend, to buy us all a round here at LaCasaCorazon so to speak. This money will fund us for another month. All of the money we recieve goes directly to the projects we create, whether that is through volunteer training, material acquisitions or paying the electric bill.

At last we have a secure Paypal donation button on our sidebar. This donation button is for British Sterling, becaue that is where most of our financial support has been promised. IF you don’t have a paypay account, you can use your credit card on Paypal’s secure server. All donations will be publicly reconded on our donations page and a financial report will be posted each month along with photos of our progress.

(If anyone from another country wants to donate, please send us a mail at and we will send you the appropriate link)

We plan on being here for a long time, building toward a future that will make education and literacy something the kids of Huanchaco can call their own, no matter where they live or how much money they have.

Join us for a tremendous year ahead. Thank you so much for your support, love and faith in our dream for Huanchaco.

Peace in our world, and enough to go around.

Sarita, Miguel, Julio, Drew and Hernan