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We have talked about the long term goal of getting water to Cerrito.  Its a big project and its going to take some time, money and an organisation that specialises in delivering fresh water to third world communities.

We are already looking for the solutions, but we have been talking every day after the team comes home from homework helping and playing and thinking about the community we are growing to love more each day.. How do we help NOW?

We are so grateful to Bruno and his family for providing a water truck to the pueblito today.  10,000 liters of water was distributed to all the houses. Its not a fix and its not enough to change their living conditions permanently, but its so much more than just a gesture.

We want the community to know that we are serious about helping. That we care about their day to day lives. That we will walk with them each step and help where we can.

here are some images from today. It was  a great day.

WAter truck!!

The truck came up the road and man it was big!

filling containers for washing clothes, drinking, cooking..

plenty for all .. as it should be always.

job done. for now.

We want to make sure that every family can wash their clothes, bathe their children, cook their food with safe, plentiful, clean water.

If you would like to help us make this vision real and soon, please come with your hearts, connections, ideas, donations.


Sarita, Bruno, Charlotte, Connie, Katie, Julio and the rest of the team at LaCasaCorazon


Playing with the kids in front of the community center!


We spend time spending time, watching and talking, listening and playing, waiting for the right moments. Being present and helping with homework and life..

Frisbee? Or marbles?

What are you doing for the next year of your life? Come see what a year can bring!
Bruno came for a day and is hooked on the kids!

Julio Luis and kids!


We are really pleased to announce the arrival of three new volunteers to LaCasaCorazon.

Charlotte Schuurman
comes to us from Portugal and arrived here February 5th. Charlotte is Dutch, but grew up in Portugal where her parents made the decision to raise her and her brother speaking English.  Charlotte has great supportive skills and is excited to help us in our new tutoring project at Cerritos. She has made a 6 month commitment to the community and we are very happy to have her here.

Connie Jasiak is from Michigan and is here until September. Connie applied just a few weeks ago, with a great CV and a big heart. She is getting used to Peru and community living but already has made us feel like she has been here from the beginning.

Katie Kessler came to our fundraiser, a friend of Malin Green, and immediately asked if she could come discuss volunteering with us. She only has a few weeks but we are loving our time with her. We hope she can return for a longer commitment later, she is a great addition to the beginning team .

We also want to thank Julio Luis, who is studying medicine in Trujillo, for taking the time to help us establish our meetings with the community we are going to be working with. He will be volunteering with us and also helping us to find some additional Peruvian university students  to help with the tutoring program.

We had a good meeting with the community of moms up at Cerritos de el Virgen last week.  We have committed to going up to the community center every day to help kids with their homework in the afternoons and to make sure they are understanding what is happening in the class room. Learning to read and write Spanish is the first thing that kids need to be able to master, English classes are helpful only if built on a firm foundation.

We have much more to tell you.. we are commencing a fundraising drive to bring running water to this community that only recently has electricity. There are several stages involved but the first one is to fund a study to see where the well can be dug and how much it will cost to get water to the whole community.

Let’s work together to see to it that the life changing water comes to Cerritos by Christmas this year or at the very latest the New Year.

We begin little by little and we progress through right relationships, communication and commitment.

This is our task and our joy.

Sarita for the team at LaCasaCorazon

Helping with Balance

When we had our weekly team meeting last week, we were privileged to have Miguel’s cousin Omar,a child psychologist sitting in.

We talked a lot about kids need for education and improving literacy as well as the need for proper nutrition and medical care, but Omar was very a strong advocate for the social. mental health side of supporting kids who are struggling with poverty. He lives and works in Cajamarca, with people who live in areas where there is no trash collection, no fresh water, very small houses with dirt floors and twelve people at a time living in them.  In this environment, he said, the issue of social behaviour, self esteem, access to funds for education become fulcrums that keep kids off balance even if they want further education.

Omar stressed that if the social problems are not addressed at the same time that tutoring and health needs are, there will still be a wall to overcome that will keep kids from succeeding.

We are surounded with communities just like this one, and here in Huanchaco, there are three in particular that have our hearts. we will be telling you more about each one in the near future.

We can have classes and we can bring activities, we can bring tutors and we can write books….  but kids need to be heard, to be journeyed with, to have an opportunity to see their lives in the light of new posibilities without removing their cultural beauties. Pride in their families, their culture, themselves is what will help them as they create a successful future.

We begin Puedo Leer on the first week of February. Twenty children, their own twenty stories, twenty actual finished books they can hold in their hands, illustrated by their twenty amazing imaginations.

These books will be printed here and distributed in sets to each child and also published on in order to share our twenty book bi- lingual collection with children everywhere and to raise funds to do it all again.  We are very happy.

Come write books with us as a volunteer or donate towards the printing. Its beginning to look a lot like something we can wrap our hands around and smile.

Bruno is a native of Trujillo and an accomplished chef. His math class rocks!


It took me a while, but I finally get what is going on around here in primary schools. There are teachers. There are students. There are classrooms and there are books. But this does not mean kids are getting educated. It means someone is spending money so it will  look like they are.

Talking to my friends here, they tell me that if you don’t understand what is being taught they will move you forward anyway but you will not read. or write. If you want to learn to read and write and you are having trouble understanding, you need to hire a tutor. This is referred to as a service.

There is no way children can get to university and make Peru a better place, a more prosperous and caring place, a progressive place, if its children don´t understand how to read and write well. If they believe they are not smart enough, they won´t even try.

We started, some friends and I, talking about providing  tutoring services by Peruvian college students. For free. This is a step to ensure that when they want to go to university, they will be capable of it.

Having Peruvian young people as role models is a way to ensure that they believe it is possible for them.

Happy New Year.