Towns are funny things. Some you take to right away and some you just pass through.

Huanchaco is the kind of town that people often intend to pass right through but end up staying.. some of us for years.
Besides the beauty of the northern coast, Huanchaco has many gifts to offer. great hostels, wonderful restaurants, a surfing community and a burgeoning tourist industry. sounds idyllic, but for some of the residents, its been a time of turbulent change. from a sleepy little fishing village and local seaside resort, to an ever expanding tourist hot spot full of people from all kinds of places in the summer ( late December through March)  Many of the local people here work in this industry. But many have been overcome by .. progress.

morning beach

There are hundreds of people living in the surrounding poor areas with no running water, no electricity, very few job prospects and poor education access.

the pueblitos need support

CasaCorazon works with local people, business persons and caring community members who have started small sustainable projects to provide education, support for parents in need, children without stable homes and young mothers who want to learn skills of artesania and craftwork to sell to support their families.  We also have a Volunteer House, Spanish classes, Volunteer training and a secure paypal donation system.

We invite you to get to know us here, to ask questions, to come join our merry band of expatriates and local Peruvian people .. we ´can change lives one day and one life at a time…

We think that isn’t a bad way to spend our time.