We are all about Huanchaco.
Parenting Support.
Vocational Training.
Craft promotion and sales.

Huanchaco Huanchaco Huanchaco!’ you can hear the combi drivers shout as you wait for the bus from Trujillo.  But what is Huanchaco? A sleepy little fishing  village? A booming tourist village? a place to come visit and play?

Huanchaco is all of these things. And it’s also a place where the poor are struggling for a way to live new lives.

Huanchaco has a small but diverse population, fishermen and store owners,hosteliers, tourists, volunteers, long time residents and newcomers…and the  people who live on the hills surrounding it…many of them service workers. There are  children, some without homes or parents to support their growth. Our goal is to support the projects that are begun by local people for local people with volunteers, donation capabilities and hard work.
We work with small social projects started by local people to promote the growth and social welfare of this community. Come see our projects! Come join our team either here or at home — Volunteer with us and live in our new volunteer house or donate through paypal to make lives.. better.
electricity but no running water

familes from Ceritos de El Virgen

We love our new volunteer house. We are grateful for five bedrooms, five showers, (one is even hot) and a huge space in which to live simply, work hard and laugh a lot.

We invite you to join us or write to us here for more information about volunteering and donating.
Sarita,  Miguel and the team of volunteers at LaCasaCorazon

el mundo esta cambio

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