LaCasaCorazon is a private international volunteer community. We collect no public funds, no governmental grants.We charge no fees to volunteers for their time here.  We depend on our dedicated donors who give monthly small sums to help us with our costs, which are minimal and focused on training and people power.

We are working with local Peruvian volunteers and volunteers from other countries,  serving  Huanchaco and the surrounding pueblitos to assist local social projects with volunteering, public support, fund-raising, and compassionate hard work.

Sarita Brown is the volunteer and house coordinator,  Miguel Fernandez is financial coordinator and helps us keep our beds, sofas and physical stuff in order!! They are co-Directors, working with a team of committed volunteers.

We have a volunteer house, no- fee volunteering opportunities, training, language classes and a heart for Huanchaco.

Come join us for the time of your life on the sunny shores of Huanchaco on the northern coast of Peru.

The beautiful Huanchaco Beach