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What happens next.

When we started this project, we had three goals

  1. To develop relationships with each other and with the community we seek to accompany in Cerritos that are based on truth and maturity.
  2. To build a well for access to potable water for Cerritos de la Virgen
  3. To enable the community to access real education for the 140 children who live there

We are still working on goal one.

I have been told by other project managers that you can compromise many things but you cannot compromise on the basis of your dream when you go into something like this.  So we have had to go back to square one, to develop an international team of  people who understand that the main focus of this project is not vacation time or party time or international romance, but helping people.

That takes more than two hours a day. That also entails sharing the same vision.

We are currently accepting applications for nine month to one year commitments. If you want to be a voluntourista or the point of your journey to Peru is to soak up the surf culture and travel, I wish you all the best, but don’t apply to our community. We are here to do something that no one thinks can be done. If you are willing to walk through the process of change and growth and to really care more about this group of mothers and kids than you do your own comfort zone, then write to me.

I believe in the right of all children to have clean running water and an education. I don’t think that is an easy goal, but i think its attainable with hard work and commitment and relationships with the community we serve.

If you think you can do this, if you have a heart for people and you can take direction and leadership, work hard at language development and be humble with your co-workers, then I want to hear from you.

Viva Peru. Gana Peru!


Sarita Brown

Director, LaCasaCorazon



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