This is the reason we came here and these are the people we love:

One of our beautiful mamitas and her baby girl

The kids are really having a blast with Joan Louis doing some Art Projects!

ART is a universal language!

Tutoring ….

connie and charlotte with their tutoring class!

The kids often don’t understand what is going on in class.. tutoring allows them to keep up. Middle class parents can afford to hire tutors, but these kids can go through all of school and never really learn to read or write..

Maths are hard! We are really glad that Bruno and Julio are with us to help out in this department!!

Bruno! Math whizz!!!

Here are some of our favourite moments from the last week.. see you next week!

Kids and Bruno do the math.

Katie and the girls

beauty in the eye of the beholder is ..Beauty!

Good times, good friends, good work.

The real reason this works.