We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t have people who believe in us.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the following people:

Miguel Fernandez Torres and family,Living  room furniture, Internet access, TLC and more for Sarita, monthly financial donations.

Joppe Versweyveld, carpenter skills, financial donation, kitchen gear

Sam Owen, moral support, team feedback, tutoring the odd confused volunteer, being our language coach, travel guide.

Drew Murphy, financial donation

Matt Mangum, Sarita’s laptop, financial donation

Katie Kessler, kitchen supplies, financial donation

Dale Baker, financial donation and keeping Sarita’s heart healthy

Bruno Ojeda Loayza, cooking for our fundraiser and the crew regularly and donating time to Cerrito teaching

Nicholas Dopwell, another fine cook! donation of food to our fundraiser

Joan Louis Aponte, Artist, donation of art class to Cerrito kids

Lucas  Torres and band, music for the LaCasaCorazon fundraiser.

Malin Green, Ellen Edman, Julia Wolt and Alexandra Maliganis ( alias the SWEDISH MEATBALLS!), decoration for fundraiser, fun in general and financial donations

There are more of you. We keep adding to the list!!

and PS:

Japan, our hearts are with you.