First of all, forgive us for no new updates lately! We had a bit of a technical glitch and couldn’t access the admin part of our website.

We have lots to tell you.

Last Friday, we had an amazing fundraiser BBQ, music night on the roof at the volunteer house. 75 People. Lots of new volunteer applications. New projects to get involved with. People wanting to help. We even made a little money to cover fixing the upstairs toilet! ( this is far more important than is possible to describe here!)

Lucas and his group played before going to their gig at the beach house.
Bruno cooked amazing anticuchos and Nick made potatoe empanadas with mango chutney. Camilla and Carlos ran the bar. Malin, Julia, Alexandra and Matias ( all who are visiting with us for a month, the girls are from Sweden and Matias is from Argentina) fixed up the upstairs roof garden so that it was a veritable floral paradise!!

We are getting ready to welcome two or three new volunteers in March. I will post the details when they arrive!

Welcome Matt Mangum, who arrives tonight, will be working on a sociological study of volunteer projects and wants to write us up.

Welcome to Charlotte Schuurman, who is deciding how long to be with us and has been a delightful addition to the house. We have some amazing people here.

In other news.. There is a couple who are building a real school in Ceritos de la Virgen.. we are going to be working with them.. if you would like to come do some contruction work instead of teach, I know they will be happy to accept all the help you can offer!

Thanks to the following people for a big load of support and help this month

Joppe Versweyveld
Jon Clarke
Malin Green
Miguel Angel and Felipe!!
Julia, Matias and Alexandra
Julio Luis
Camilla and Carlos
Omar, Emilio, Elfri and Walter
at Breakpoint Surf School
Ellen Edman
Frank Reategui
Jhony Alfred Santillan
Tiesar El Kouch
Nicholas Dopwell
Charlotte Schuurman
Lucas and family
Hugo the light guy
BRuno!!! ( the Chef!)
Sam Owen !! ( language coach and all around support system)

and about a dozen other people who contributed
in ways too numerous to name here.

Its a good start, my friends.

Sarita, for the team.