We are so excited to announce the beginning of three projects in February:

  • Here in Huanchaco, kids work. There is not much time for play between school and working. The surf culture here is perceived as being for rich people and it has an effect on the self esteem of kids who want to enjoy the beauty of the sea.   At Break Point Surf School, Elfri and Emilio offer free surf lessons to poorer children. This might seem like ‘playing in the water’ to some, but it provides them with recreation, exercise, a respect for nature, dietary counseling, and pride in their acheivements.. some are already competing locally. There is a lot of concentration on boys’ problems in Huanchaco. We love them and want to keep them safe and off the streets, but we are also concerned about keeping girls out of the maternity wards at age 12 or 13. So in addition to a new surf class for boys, We are very very happy to announce
  • a surf class for GIRLS  that begins this week. Welcome Malin Green who is our beginning Surf instructor!!!. This gives us access to the girls for educational classes, help with homework and Artesania as well as just time to mentor and help them work through the problems of being a teenager or pre teen.  There are not many places where kids can talk and be listened to respectfully or get help with their problems.  We are going to be one of those places for them.
  • A beginning Artesania class for girls to make jewelry and market it .. this is the only way they have to make money. They want to save for school and to help with the basic needs of their families.
  • PUEDO LEER : begins in all three groups at the end of February!!

We had a dinner tonight to remind us, that we started with nothing a few weeks a go and now we have a team of people 13 strong!! , a house and programs. We have done this with our hands and our hearts and our friends, but we need support to keep the bills paid and equipment coming in. ( for example our used monitor just blew up.. leaving us a computer short for working)

Please. consider becoming a one time gift or becoming a monthly donor as part of our Core Donation Team. Contact Sarita for more infor or donate on our donation page via PAyPAl.

And on another note, Welcome Molle, Julia, Alexandra and Ellen to LaCasaCorazon for the next weeks.. They are on vacation but are helping us out a lot!!