When we started LaCasaCorazon, we knew three things:

1. We knew we wanted to create a permanent long term volunteer organisation, a place where volunteers would come to live and work for 6 months to a year, committed to  long term  accompaniment and help with education and life skills for kids in Huanchaco.

2. We knew we wanted to work with native Peruvians and local Huanchaceros, professionals, people who know and love Huanchaco and understand how we can best work together.

3. We knew we wanted to create programs that would provide balance and motivation for kids to further their education and up lift their self esteem, creating opportunities for physical, mental and emotional advancement, along with life skills and group support.

Today our whole team ( there are five of us now!)  met with Emilio and Elfri of Break Pôint Surf School, two local members of the Huanchaco community who  will work with us in the coming months. And we with them. They provide free surf lessons for kids in Huanchaco, give role models and new opportunity.

LaCasaCorazon will be recruiting tutors to help these children with their reading and math skills, working to provide  balance and motivation so that they can further their education.

We are very pleased to also announce the planning stages of Puedo Leer, a project in conjunction with this goal, which will listen to and develop children’s stories, help them to write them, illustrate them and get them printed into real books that they can keep, collect ,share and read.

These books will also be published through Lulu.com, a self publishing site which will give us a chance to raise even more money for education through the publication and sales of the Puedo Leer collection.

It all is possible one step time at a time. Please consider donating to LaCasaCorazon and make these dreams a reality.

with hope and commitment,

Sarita, Miguel, Drew, Julio and Hernan