Bruno is a native of Trujillo and an accomplished chef. His math class rocks!


It took me a while, but I finally get what is going on around here in primary schools. There are teachers. There are students. There are classrooms and there are books. But this does not mean kids are getting educated. It means someone is spending money so it will  look like they are.

Talking to my friends here, they tell me that if you don’t understand what is being taught they will move you forward anyway but you will not read. or write. If you want to learn to read and write and you are having trouble understanding, you need to hire a tutor. This is referred to as a service.

There is no way children can get to university and make Peru a better place, a more prosperous and caring place, a progressive place, if its children don´t understand how to read and write well. If they believe they are not smart enough, they won´t even try.

We started, some friends and I, talking about providing  tutoring services by Peruvian college students. For free. This is a step to ensure that when they want to go to university, they will be capable of it.

Having Peruvian young people as role models is a way to ensure that they believe it is possible for them.

Happy New Year.