Its easy to take the road most travelled.

We want to  embrace a new way of looking at how to support social projects and how to prepare ourselves to create a long term presence in Huanchaco.

We think of this process  as organic. We want to  be open to the ideas of experienced volunteers and the fresh eyes of our new team members.

Five Principles of operation for LaCasaCorazon

1. We do not know what our clients need most. They know.

2. Peruvian volunteers are crucial to developing relationships with local community and communicating cultural and linguistic particulars to volunteers from other countries.
3. We work from a philosophy of accompaniment, not direction.
4. We are committed to long term, forward moving solutions that help people overcome poverty and aquire education for the betterment of their quality of life.
5. Volunteers are part of a system of support and commit to six monts to one year of work with identified projects. Their time commitments overlap with new volunteers to ensure smooth hand-over and to preserve valuable information about participants and projects