When we started this, we had several goals in mind, but primarily, foundationally, we wanted to invite Peruvian young people with vision and heart to join us to help build a team.

We are so pleased to welcome Hernan Hernandez Kcomt and Julio Manay Villacorta to our LaCasaCorazon community.

Hernan is a journalist and graduated university this year, works at a leading newspaper in Trujillo and is going to be our Spanish language writer,commentator and editor. We are very grateful to have such a talented young writer on our team and we look forward to his contributions.

Julio is studying medicine but has already volunteered three months in Cerritos teaching english and getting accquainted with the children there. He will continue to help in that project, but also will be helping us form a plan for implementing a clinic there. He is a hard worker with a heart and dedication! We are lucky!

Our dream includes  teaching us what visions they have for their futures, as we are working and walking  alongside of them to make education and transformation part of the lives of  the children we meet.

This is a good start.