We are looking for a one year intern. Someone to work with Sarita at our headquarters and assist with the day to day running of LaCasaCorazon.

Ideally this would be someone who is in a gap year or graduated from university with an interest in international development, Spanish, child development or Adult Education.

You will share housing at our Volunteer house if you choose to, we split the rent between us so normally with three people, it would cost about $140 per month. This includes bills and internet.

We are looking for someone who is interested in a immersion experience, who believes that the people we work alongside have gifts, intelligence and vision. We are building something new and are in a growth process.

You should have good communication skills, be somewhat proficient with WordPress, like working in diverse groups and have an open mind about how things grow organically.

If this sounds like something you are interested in talking about, then drop us a comment on this page or write to Sarita on sarita.reiki@gmail.com