There is too much to do. Its that simple.
its hard to convince anyone that anything can be done
much less that they need to help.
the children are hungry for food, for love, for houses and people
to care for them.

we are fighting for their right to be loved and wanted. to be fed
both broth and books, to eat fish and words every day
to soak up love and compassion so their souls can grow and their
minds can expand with the imagination that they really are
worth all of it. every moment. every second. every tear, every failed
contact. you have to just live it. one moment at a time.

every person i have to convince one more time to give
give give give more money more food more time.
this may not be the life i planned, but this is the life
i inherited from the legacy of my pastor grandparents giving giving
taking in, giving out, setting the table , laughing, encouraging
sharing the meager they
had, unashamed and robust in thier welcome, simply
living people´s lives right beside them. So no matter how many times
the thought passes through that  we are crazy,( a given)–
being involved in this work, i feel their arms around me like when
i was a child.
protecting me, urging me on, reminding me that:

´´It’s the action, not the fruit of the action, that is important.
You have to to the right thing.
It may not be in your power, nor in your time,
that there will be any fruit.
But that doesn’t mean you stop doing the right thing.
You may never even know what results come from your action.
But if you do nothing there will be nothing.´´ -Gandhi

So to  that which is love and love and yet more love,
let there be , when it is all said and done..

Kind of wonderful.