We build beds .December 24

Miguel, Joppe and I have spent the evening of christmas eve shopping for building supplies at Sodimac. Wood, various bolts screws nails, braces, tile grout, a mirror for the bathroom, a toolbox ( complete with toooooolssss) . We borrowed the power tools from Ivan on the only day guaranteed that they won´t be in use for his work and now are planning our attack on the problem of beds.

We will build two sets of bunkbeds in the dormitory room and one platform in the room that Drew is staying in. We have had offers of help from various travellers, but its Christmas, not really expecting they will tear themselves away from the surf!!

December 25

ITs been a very strange kind of Christmas celebration.. but we have a platform all ready for the mattress!!

We built a similar one in my room and  have to admit,  love it. Lots of room underneath for storage, tall enough to practice Reiki, and with the two yoga mats..total bliss for the back. So here are photos of the platform, but stay tuned for the completed version.. foam mattress, curtained storage space.

Thanks to Joppe for all his help and for a great non-traditional Christmas celebration. You the man,sir.

Joppe stoops to conquer

recycled materials and lots of noise make up the new bed

Hey DREW!! here is your bed. well. almost a bed, mate.

After five hours revamped diagrams and saws that burn through wood rather than cut through them, we finish.

Merry Christmas!!!

Now for those two bunkbed sets .. before January 6th!!!

Thanks to Ivan and Will Drummond for loan of tools, to Miguel for Sodimac trip and cheerleading and to Queen for the musical accompaniment …Freddy can inspire anything.