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Welcome Hernan and Julio!

When we started this, we had several goals in mind, but primarily, foundationally, we wanted to invite Peruvian young people with vision and heart to join us to help build a team.

We are so pleased to welcome Hernan Hernandez Kcomt and Julio Manay Villacorta to our LaCasaCorazon community.

Hernan is a journalist and graduated university this year, works at a leading newspaper in Trujillo and is going to be our Spanish language writer,commentator and editor. We are very grateful to have such a talented young writer on our team and we look forward to his contributions.

Julio is studying medicine but has already volunteered three months in Cerritos teaching english and getting accquainted with the children there. He will continue to help in that project, but also will be helping us form a plan for implementing a clinic there. He is a hard worker with a heart and dedication! We are lucky!

Our dream includes  teaching us what visions they have for their futures, as we are working and walking  alongside of them to make education and transformation part of the lives of  the children we meet.

This is a good start.




I’ve decided I want to blog more for justice. Rather than just think about doing it, I’m doing it, and starting right now.  I will be posting to this blog once a day for all of 2011.

I know it won’t be easy, but it might be fun, inspiring, awesome and wonderful. Therefore I’m promising myself to make use of The DailyPost, and the community of other bloggers with similiar goals, to help me along the way. Including asking for help when I need it and encouraging others when I can.

If you already read my blog, I hope you’ll encourage me with comments and likes, and good will along the way.

I plan on using this blog to talk about social justice, what we are doing here at LaCasaCorazon and every other think I can think of that affects the work we do here.

I am going to put this out there so that you can comment, think about it,comment some more,  think about volunteering, think about how to fundraise for us, fundraise for us, think about what it means to truly be a house of heart in a world of hurt.

Jack, Jennie, Alasdair, Colby, Tom, Drew, Ian, Lizzie, Mike,Shell, Kate, Beth, Jackie, Kate… This is for you.

artwork by Paul Ramnora @2010



Heart of the House

There is too much to do. Its that simple.
its hard to convince anyone that anything can be done
much less that they need to help.
the children are hungry for food, for love, for houses and people
to care for them.

we are fighting for their right to be loved and wanted. to be fed
both broth and books, to eat fish and words every day
to soak up love and compassion so their souls can grow and their
minds can expand with the imagination that they really are
worth all of it. every moment. every second. every tear, every failed
contact. you have to just live it. one moment at a time.

every person i have to convince one more time to give
give give give more money more food more time.
this may not be the life i planned, but this is the life
i inherited from the legacy of my pastor grandparents giving giving
taking in, giving out, setting the table , laughing, encouraging
sharing the meager they
had, unashamed and robust in thier welcome, simply
living people´s lives right beside them. So no matter how many times
the thought passes through that  we are crazy,( a given)–
being involved in this work, i feel their arms around me like when
i was a child.
protecting me, urging me on, reminding me that:

´´It’s the action, not the fruit of the action, that is important.
You have to to the right thing.
It may not be in your power, nor in your time,
that there will be any fruit.
But that doesn’t mean you stop doing the right thing.
You may never even know what results come from your action.
But if you do nothing there will be nothing.´´ -Gandhi

So to  that which is love and love and yet more love,
let there be , when it is all said and done..

Kind of wonderful.

We are looking for a one year intern. Someone to work with Sarita at our headquarters and assist with the day to day running of LaCasaCorazon.

Ideally this would be someone who is in a gap year or graduated from university with an interest in international development, Spanish, child development or Adult Education.

You will share housing at our Volunteer house if you choose to, we split the rent between us so normally with three people, it would cost about $140 per month. This includes bills and internet.

We are looking for someone who is interested in a immersion experience, who believes that the people we work alongside have gifts, intelligence and vision. We are building something new and are in a growth process.

You should have good communication skills, be somewhat proficient with WordPress, like working in diverse groups and have an open mind about how things grow organically.

If this sounds like something you are interested in talking about, then drop us a comment on this page or write to Sarita on





We build beds .December 24

Miguel, Joppe and I have spent the evening of christmas eve shopping for building supplies at Sodimac. Wood, various bolts screws nails, braces, tile grout, a mirror for the bathroom, a toolbox ( complete with toooooolssss) . We borrowed the power tools from Ivan on the only day guaranteed that they won´t be in use for his work and now are planning our attack on the problem of beds.

We will build two sets of bunkbeds in the dormitory room and one platform in the room that Drew is staying in. We have had offers of help from various travellers, but its Christmas, not really expecting they will tear themselves away from the surf!!

December 25

ITs been a very strange kind of Christmas celebration.. but we have a platform all ready for the mattress!!

We built a similar one in my room and  have to admit,  love it. Lots of room underneath for storage, tall enough to practice Reiki, and with the two yoga bliss for the back. So here are photos of the platform, but stay tuned for the completed version.. foam mattress, curtained storage space.

Thanks to Joppe for all his help and for a great non-traditional Christmas celebration. You the man,sir.

Joppe stoops to conquer

recycled materials and lots of noise make up the new bed

Hey DREW!! here is your bed. well. almost a bed, mate.

After five hours revamped diagrams and saws that burn through wood rather than cut through them, we finish.

Merry Christmas!!!

Now for those two bunkbed sets .. before January 6th!!!

Thanks to Ivan and Will Drummond for loan of tools, to Miguel for Sodimac trip and cheerleading and to Queen for the musical accompaniment …Freddy can inspire anything.

We have chosen to use individual pages to communicate our main information, so help yourself and read our story by navigating the pages on top of this screen.

We have volunteer information, information about social projects and how you can donate.. we even have some good tourism info if you want some hints about where to go stay or eat or play.

We are all about Huanchaco. And we are waiting for you to come!

Playa Curve in Huanchaco



We are all about Huanchaco.
Parenting Support.
Vocational Training.
Craft promotion and sales.

We work with small social projects started by local people to promote the growth and social welfare of this community. Come see our projects! Come join our team either here or at home — Volunteer with us and live in our new volunteer house or donate through paypal to make lives.. better. 

‘Huanchaco Huanchaco Huanchaco!’ you can hear the combi drivers shout as you wait for the bus from Trujillo.  But what is Huanchaco? A sleepy little fishing  village? A booming tourist village? a place to come visit and play?

Huanchaco is all of these things. And its also a place where the poor are struggling for a way to live new lives.

Huanchaco has a small but diverse population, fishermen and store owners,hosteliers, tourists, volunteers, long time residents and newcomers…and the  people who live on the hills surrounding it…many of them service workers. There are  children, some without homes or parents to support their growth. Our goal is to support the projects that are begun by local people for local people with volunteers, donation capabilities and hard work.

We love our new volunteer house. We are grateful for five bedrooms, five showers, (one is even hot) and a huge space in which to live simply, work hard and laugh alot.